The Good, the Sad and the Ants

The Good:
1.  We moved into a bigger, older compound more suited to our family and ministry.  Thanks to sweet friends, we're fairly unpacked and organized.
Beautiful life in the new compound.

2.  The newly formed Love In Action leadership team met at our compound! (And I forgot to take pictures.)  Three wise, capable Kenyan women, a young, energetic gal from India and Lisa settled into the airy room; and while thin curtains swayed in the warm afternoon breeze, they prayed, shared visions, strategized, and prayed some more. They all felt prompted to create a safe, healing place on the tree-covered compound for victimized mamas to receive biblical discipleship and empowerment through the DIGGS program.  Everyone agreed the compound offered amazing potential to serve widowed mamas in Jesus name, helping them parent their children and halting the orphan cycle threatening to steal children from poor women. We begin our next training in a few weeks.

3.  A tender little orphaned boy grows dearer to us each day.  He's received sponsorship to attend school that will greatly assist him to overcome significant developmental delays. Yes Lord!

4.  Mark's cleaning out an old shipping container so he has a place to work on the evangelistic water project - a service that will not only bring clean water to poverty-stricken areas, but more importantly, bring the Living Water of God.

5.  Tavin's voluntary involvement with a new club surprised us.  Our sports-loving, academic-tolerating teen joined East African Youth United Nations.  This interesting association brings global issues (like child abuse, orphan crisis, hunger, potable water) to the table of young people, provides them opportunity to construct solutions and present them at the United Nations in Nairobi. Tavin hasn't forsaken his love for the game.  He travels this week (all expenses paid) to a sports festival in Nairobi.

6.  Taleah continues to amaze us with her gift to make friends with Kenyan children and invent fun.  We usually see a circle of small kids surrounding her, engaging in pastimes from Taleah's imagination. She claimed the vote for most creative writer in her class this week.

The Sad:
A young mu*slim girl Lisa ministered to at Joyland passed on. 

Where I found my Zeppond whenever I visited...
Zeppond lost her leg in Kenya's war against Al*Shabab terrorist group. Leaving what family remained in a refugee camp, the UN sent Zeppond to receive education, but she never recovered from her loss - both of her family and her leg.
Lisa would pray over her, share stories, candies, and even found her a pretty head covering, trying to make a connection that mattered. As Lisa saw Zeppond grow weaker and weaker, she advocated for interventions. Zeppond was sent back to the refugee camp. She died today. Obviously, too little was done too late. Our hearts cry for these wounded ones who don't know Jesus saving love.

The Ants:
Ugh! They are everywhere! 
Little trails of tiny ants marching, carrying things much too big for their small, small bodies. If we open anything - they are there, silently, stealthily invading the peanut butter, sugar, tupperware sealed oats and rice.  When we clean them out - they return, unhindered by our fierce resistance.  Even now, as Lisa types she's swatting tiny ants that seem to materialize out of nowhere.  Persistent buggers!

Scripture tells us we should consider the ant (Proverbs 6:6; 30:25). If we as believers work together without complaining
just think of the burdens the Lord would empower us to carry. Nothing is too big when we band together and depend on Him. Next, our Christian influence would be everywhere; regardless of harsh environments, we should be the aroma of Christ to a lost world. If we are not detoured by opposition, we can be effective for the kingdom of God. If a multitude of minuscule ants can cause such havoc in our house, know that diligent submission to God and constant refusal to give the enemy attention can accomplish impossible things. Never give up on Jesus, His purposes, His desires, His plans. He never gives up on you.

What do you think when you consider the ant?

Gratefulness for more” good” than “sad” focuses us on goodness of God. Please pray with us that... 

  • Zeppond’s family will recognize the Lord’s goodness. 
  • For widows and orphan care to filtered through divine goodness.  
  • We embrace His goodness and extend it willingly.  
  • We practice the lesson of the ants.

Some faces are just too cute not to post!
Asante sana for your encouragement, support and prayers.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0