God's working...

Almost two months back in Kenya and it seems time moves faster than the projects we're implementing, but after reviewing images captured by the camera, we're reminded that God does far more than we can imagine. His concern for the poor is cradled in kindness and nurtured through relationships. Our western impatience and preoccupation with effectiveness is learning to yield to the gentle heart of peace.  Even in all of this, God's working... 

Garden Against Hunger
Some of the widowed mammas put the DIGGS teaching on service into practice by preparing the "shamba" for planting.  We're anticipating yummy, homegrown veggies in a few months to share with children at the orphanage.  Feeding the hungry is Jesus name is part of the gospel message. 

 Digging hard earth to cultivate fruit is symbolic of these women's lives.
 Tavin volunteers and the mammas enjoy his help.

Meaningful Object Lessons
Imagine precious few years of education where you sneak into class late because chores delayed you... You came in hungry and without shoes to sit on a dirt floor and listen to a teacher for hours... This was the childhood of our DIGGS facilitator trainees who recently learned the value of using object lessons to introduce a topic. We reviewed biblical object lessons and practiced some of our own. With peals of laughter mixed in thoughtful responses, the mammas understood - involving the learner brings greater meaning.   
Gaudencia and Mildred try an exercise about strength and meditating on God's Word.

The women attempt to walk with pebbles in their shoes while sucking on a pieces of candy.
Which do you think got the most attention - the discomfort or the sweetness?
What gets the most attention in your life?

 Needing Miracles
Always, the orphaned children touch us like no other.  In a country twice the size of Nevada, with 2 million orphans, what can we do? Of course, help mammas who are at risk of loosing their children, but what about the abandoned ones who's extended families and rural villages can't be identified?
We been asked by friends in USA to identify an orphanage that needs a nutrition program; that investigation led us to a place of brokeness - 60 kiddos, some desperately sick, in less than adequate facilities. 

 Prayer is their only weapon against evils threatening to steal what little life they still have. 
Will you pray with us?
These children need miracles.

Asante sana for your prayers, encouragement and support.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0