An Afternoon in Nyweta

The sun beats down hard on rusty tin roofs as dust dances in tiny cyclone-like-swirls around barefoot children gathered to watch.

It’s water filter delivery day in Nyweta.

Just one water filter installed in this area can serve 50 people. Not only will it help keep them free from waterborne diseases, but it will also save the already overworked mamas time and money – precious fuel like charcoal or wood won’t be used to boil water clean.

Mark and David hoist the cement encasement into the small sewing shop already filled with mamas, colorful material and sewing machines. Everyone stops and curiously stares. I begin sharing the purpose for clean water and the spiritual parallels of a clean heart.

While our activity unfolds, a young girl, severely burned on her chest and with only one eye runs into the shop and giggles. The mamas begin to tease her about something I can’t quite figure out. I catch a few phrases and realize they made her a dress, although she could only pay 100 ksh ($1.00).  She tries it on, receiving a chorus of “Ooo” and “Ahhh,” followed by some tongue clicking approval. She hugs the mamas and skips away clutching her new treasure.

The blaring sun hides behind a relief of rain clouds. I’m quiet, absorbing the extremes of joy and beauty here. We bring a life-saving filter that will meet a great need among the mamas. And these mamas, with their little offering of a simple dress, bring a reason for happiness to an outcast girl.

From potable water that keeps sickness away to a lovely garment for a child who feels far from pretty, God is concerned with both - and everything in between. Matthew 6:25-34.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers