Kenya Update: July 2015

I’ve been working on a blog post about “inbetween” but realized it would not be finished any time soon so we decided to post praise reports and prayer requests because for us, that’s the most important communicate right now. 



Friends from Pagosa are like a soothing balm. We thought we’d be traveling back to USA at the end of this month for a furlough but the current adoption crisis finds us here indefinitely. When Jaden Hinger and Jeannne Marie Soniat showed up on our compound, our souls oozed gratefulness. We couldn’t talk to them enough, or show them all we wanted to share, or hear all the stories of home… So thankful to smile at their familiar faces for a week!

Jaden makes everyone feel welcome.

Jeanne Marie's new buddy.

Always having fun.

Lessons on love through croquet.

Trees big enough for the family!

Look what we found...

Another buddy for Jeanne Marie.

Jaden showing the giraffe something interesting...

Sunset drama

More mamas from Women of Worth group (WOW) visited the Joyland kiddos, making Saturday afternoon full of games, face painting, story telling, prayers and praise. Needy Kenyan mamas embracing forgotten Kenyan children creates remarkable relationships. So thankful to know God cares for them all, and we get to organize the meeting of hearts.

Josephine reads with the kids.

Janet mothers little Raila.

Loisa always makes kids smile.

Looks like they will be visiting regularly!

We visited the mamas of Kajulu Women’s Group and gave the washable sanitary pads made by the WOW mamas so orphaned girls won’t miss weeks of valuable education. The mamas continue to read their bibles together and share their faith with others.

The Resource Center has a roof and now we have the photo! So thankful to see the progress! Soon ministry to the surrounding slums will be functioning from this place. Yea God!

We are facilitating a new DIGGS training to six widowed mamas, a pastor’s wife and a married couple with 5 children. They participate in engaging activities that teach who Christ is in them, who they are in Christ, whom did God make them to be, and organizing/planning/budgeting for their futures.

Creating thoughtful responses through art.

Please pray for this recently widowed mama of 3 little ones.

Burning and burying unforgiveness to live in freedom.

Tavin, Taleah and Henry finished school and are happily pursuing hobbies, friends, and ministry at Joyland. They were recruited to help paint biosand filters to deliver to those who need potable water.

Good job!

Taleah's hair on the last day of school. Really.

Peeling aloofas we received from a friend.

Taleah sharing her gift.

Tavin sharing his gift.

Henry sharing his gift.

Washing his car in his Yankees hat. Silly boy!

Adoption continues to be a trial for not only us, but the whole country. The Kenyan Law Society has filed suit with the government presenting the sad case of more overcrowded orphanages and numerous children waiting to be adopted due to the illegal moratorium. We go to court again tomorrow – July 21. We don’t know what to expect. We only know trusting God and speaking for the fatherless is our responsibility.

Please pray for…

  • Widowed mamas - keep growing in favor with their neighbors and their businesses as they grow in God. Their testimonies are powerful witnesses used to change the common social view that widows are worthless burdens.
  • Joyland children - the school term ends and many are sent back into situations far worse then what they experience at Joyland. May they hold fast to the Word shared with them on Saturdays.
  • The DIGGS classes - let Word of Truth take root in their hearts and bring changes necessary to bear good fruit.
  • Adoption - to flourish in Kenya and orphans be welcomed home into families that will love them forever.
  • Our family - to process delays without judgments and to see God’s provision in many different areas. Continued divine protection and good health.
Let us know how we can pray for you.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o