Checking in...

Wow. We feel like we fell off the grid; so we’re checking in to let you all know all is well.  The days just fly by, ministry intertwining with life. When dinner ends and dishes are washed and everything wiped clean to eliminate ants infestation and we simply want to put our feet up... but no - it’s time to bathe an overly energetic four year old and settle him into bed.  We try not to fall asleep before he does! So, here’s a quick update, praise to God and requests for prayer…

We’re “great full” to all be together and have awesome visitors share sometime with us. Daily blessed to see Becky Thompson’s smil’in face and watch best friends, Gracie and Taleah enjoy each other. 

We also enjoy hosting the lovely Shannon DeBoer whose helpful hands and inquisitiveness fits perfect. The remarkable Casey Crow’s arrival for the third consecutive summer brings joy to our hearts and the Kenyan friends who love her. We just received the next visitor - our amazing niece, Amanda Ward. 

A house full of females might make you wonder, what about the guys? Tavin volunteers at New Life Children’s Home and playing basketball with the youth. He’s a great big brother, watching the world cup with “little man.” Mark keeps active with managing the compound, men’s Bible study and driving us to minister with the widowed mamas and kiddos.

Please pray for the widowed mamas in a rural village, Kajulu Kardero. We 
received a donation to provide water filters for these precious women who serve God 
by caring for orphans in their community.

Please pray for the pending adoption of our “little man.” It’s more complicated than doing a 5,000-piece puzzle without the picture or all the pieces!  We’re asking God for favor with the lawyer, judge and the “official paper collecting” process.

Please pray for the DIGGS training and widowed mamas support groups to continue experiencing meaningful spiritual growth and the Sasa Living project that empowers mamas and promotes adoption fundraising.

Please pray for Casey as she ministers to the children at Joyland, initiating programs that reinforce safety from sexual abuse and promotes HIV awareness. It's time for these forgotten children to receive the right to a future of hope. 

Please pray for Shannon as she processes life in Kenya and touches people with her teaching talents. Her thoughtful service is sooo appreciated.

Please pray for Amanda who traveled from Sierra Leone to work with us in Kenya. Her experience with international development and sweet spirit are wonderful assets.

Please pray for Becky, who provides us with unlimited assistance, wisdom, and laughter. It's a blessing to share our vision with her.

We are so very grateful for this opportunity to spend quality time with these 
friends and family who refresh us.

Please pray for us as a family to be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and quick to 
follow His guidance that keeps us in perfect peace.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.

hugs from the haugers  Ooo0o

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