How Do You Spell Grateful?

Teaching is a big part of the ministry here in Kenya - from discipling widowed/single mamas, to facilitating instruction for handicapped orphaned kiddos, to speaking on Sundays at our local church.  One day, as we were discussing thankfulness and recording the work the Lord has done in our lives, a young one brought me a paper where this was scratched...

I am great full.
Immediately, we wanted to correct the spelling - "No, it's g. r. a. t. e. f. u. l." but I looked at the words again and saw it...
 great full. 
Our lives are full of greatness.  
Full of great things like nutritious food, clean water, clothing and safe homes.  
Full of great people like supportive family and encouraging friends.
Our lives are full of God's great Spirit, empowering us 
to replace hatred with love, 
to experience glorious joy regardless, 
to surrender self-serving for kindness, 
to be faithful when believing is hard, 
to overcome bad with good,
to disarm anger with gentleness, 
to be patient in waiting, long-suffering with the difficult, and experience peace forever.  
We are full of greatness to share with those who have no hope

Will  you join your great fullness of prayer with ours?

Please pray for relationships with our Kenyan friends to continue to develop into all God has designed, and the ministry to the poor will always find its foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the orphaned children to find their God-ordained destinies.  May they always know they are loved and belong. We welcome donations to help us with educational supplies.

Please pray for the DIGGS training. 31 widowed/single mamas have participated in this program, many are now in business and learning new skills for "SaSa Living"(  As a result, children are not given to orphanages; they are raised in their families.  Please pray for a resource center to open and that God keeps using the DIGGS course to change lives. We welcome donations for Luo bibles as requested by the mamas.

Please pray for us as a family.  May God's provision and protection constantly overtake us. May little man's adoption be uncomplicated, and schooling opportunities become available for all three. We welcome donations to help with educational expenses.

Asante sana and don't forget -  
"How do you spell grateful?" 
The Lord might show you a new way.

Love and prayers to you. Let us know your request 
and we will bring it before the throne room with thanksgiving.

hugs from the haugers Ooo0o