The Amazing Race

We’ve been wanting to write for a while now but it seems as though there’s just not enough time in the day to both run this amazing race and fill everyone in on the progress.  The race we run in Kenya is marked by unexpected twists and turns, unpredictable delays and surprising miracles.  Come on and take a run around the track with us…

Race hurdles:

The land situation with the church dares our faith daily but not without reward.  Ever since the destructive persecution started, we’ve constantly encouraged each other to refuse anger, bitterness or selfish requests and PRAYED for what we believed is God’s heart – mercy salvation and redemption.  During last Sunday service one of the young men who participated in the damaging violence appeared. He wanted to confess.  He explained he felt tormented since he cut down the church structure with a machete. He begged forgiveness.  Believers cried, hugged the young man and prayed for him.  As for the building he chopped, amazingly, children still meet for Sunday school among its razor sharp edges and no one has been cut.  To top off the praise reports - the church doubled in attendance! Is it any closer to owning the land?  Only God knows, but that’s ok because He knows best!

The ministry of the widowed/single mamas continues to grow despite relational issues between the women that tests Lisa’s patience (we all know patience is NOT a fruit of the Spirit that Lisa indulges!) She reminds herself that we are all growing in grace and focuses on a group’s strength – service to the community in Jesus name.  Here some of the mamas shine, and we enjoy nurturing their giftings to gleaming beauty.  Loisa’s love for children and effective interaction makes her a favorite at Joyland School for the disabled.  She challenges the other mamas to join her in visiting the forgotten children.  Carolyne’s ability to teach engages attention and collaboration.  Plans are underway to take DIGGS training into a rural community where poverty hangs heavy over widows and their children, threatening to steal their destinies. Both Loisa and Carolyne also volunteer at a small playgroup for physically challenged children that we started on our compound.

The metal mold for the evangelistic pure water project came in under the expected price!  Surprised! Grateful!  Now, let the real work of sifting sand, shaking gravel, mixing and pouring concrete begin.  Will all that effort be worth it?  Ask mamas of babies who drink dirty water from the polluted lake or murky streams. Boiling water takes precious fuel but providing a biosand filter gives them access to potable, affordable water – something for which we just turn a tap. With this gift of drinkable water we share the eternal gift of Living Water, ministering to both spiritual and physical needs.

We spent years preparing for this African call, foreseeing it could become a marathon.  Experiences with culture now expose hidden detours that could attempt to take us off track. We are learning to pace ourselves since an energetic special needs four year old entered our lives. And on those days when we feel like we can’t run another step, we see Jesus.  He not only set the course, but He’s running it with us.  That makes for an amazing race. Hebrews 12:1-2.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o