Divine Colloquy

Prayers explode in my mind like popcorn in hot oil. Our constant conversations with Jesus sometimes make us wonder if locals might think we’re a bit daft. We rarely say, “Let’s pray.” We just do it. 

Mornings begin with purifying both water and our hearts before the Lord. Our little guy is up early to meet the ministry leader who helps us manage the compound. We pray together.  Taleah rises later and devotions follow a breakfast of peanut butter toast with milky tea.

The day is in full swing with mamas and children, orphans and caregivers, pastors and board members.  All of us looking to God = believing His faithfulness, receiving His grace, sharing His mercy.

Please join us in our conversations with the Lord…

1. The adoption of our four year old to be timely and without undue complications.  He’s a true orphan (no birth family) and we would LOVE to live with him as our son.

2. The mamas we work with will continue growing in the knowledge of God and wisdom He gives.  They are helping to start a “learning play group” for some physically challenged orphaned kiddos at our compound.

3. The church we work with will trust the Lord without compromise in the struggle to procure land.  They sacrificially gave what little they had to buy a piece of property. A very powerfully corrupt man is now challenging ownership, using thugs to destroy the tin building and threaten people.  After the land issue is settled, we can move forward with the shipping container plan.

4. The water filter mold and materials will be delivered safely. Mark and George are excited to continue the evangelistic pure water project.

5. Physically challenged Musl*m refugee children from Sudan and Somalia who school at Joyland will hear the truth about Jesus and live the destiny God created for them.

6. Our family:

Tavin - positive friendships, understanding of schoolwork, continue to press into Jesus and be helpful to his aunt and uncle.

Us - the Lord will ever be our protector and provider and we serve Him here.  May we continue strong and healthy, overflowing with the good news to pour it out on a thirsty land.

As the sun sets across the lake, bringing an end to the day’s activities, the popping prayers turn to hushed whispers of thanks.  We’re grateful for all God has done and will do.  We are grateful you joined the divine colloquy.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o