Strong Courage

As I post this, Taleah has finished school and is practicing the violin.  Mark just got in from taking Henry back to the orphanage and is helping get dinner on the table.  I spent my day with women - praying, planning, organizing the future.  Only a week ago we were laughing with friends in Pagosa... Now's the time we reflect and appreciate everyone who loved on us so well.  Thank you for your help, support, listening ears, wise advice and encouragement.  Below is my first journal entry this time around. God's calling us to be brave.  What about you?  What's God calling you to?

Here we are again, on the other side of the world, trading quiet, crisp Colorado daybreak with humid city sounds. 

Sunrise from Lisa's sister's home in Pagosa Springs, CO
The morning air drips wet and warm and I sip milky Kenyan brew from a tin cup, listening… birds’ song mixes with children’s laughter, traffic jostles with toots and rattles, women outside our bougainvillea fence chatter as they walk along, wood piled high on cloth-wrapped heads. 
But I hear more then this African life teaming around me.  I hear God.  He speaks to my heart in a familiar rhythm, with ancient words,  

“Be strong and courageous.” 

You would think by now I’d be used to moving into the unknown…
As a wild teen living on my own, to a wife with little strength, with children adopted from difficult places, to living among the least in a culture far from my own, to adopting another…

“Be strong and courageous.”

I have no grid for the next move… the one where we leave behind a son to gain another.  It’s not like we ignore the tall 16 year old, grown from a forgotten seed into a stout sapling whose roots need water – lots of water to continue flourishing.  Yet, we also can’t overlook the small one waiting for something he needs that he never knew existed – a family.

“Be strong and courageous.”

If that’s not enough… ministry surrounds us on every side. 
  • We want to send a shipping container full of useful donated items to empower the local church to minister to the poor.  The container would then serve as a resource building on the church property.
  • We desire to help develop a curriculum that trains both orphan caregivers and short-term missions teams to understand healthy attachment practices.
  • We need to advance the already existing programs - pure water evangelism and micro-finance discipleship - to become completely sustainable. 
  • We long to love the Lord and others and share joy unspeakable and full of His glory.
“Be strong and courageous.”

So amidst the noisy busyness enveloping me, vying for attention, constantly knocking for more, I listen for His voice. I hear His Word guiding us through the unknown, providing wisdom, nurturing encouragement. In the shadow of giants, He teaches us... 
“Be strong and courageous." 
Joshua 1:9

Looming storm in Summitville, CO.
Taleah being brave floating into Niagara Falls (free day ride).
Tavin being strong and courageous in CO (Notice Africa...)


Watch for our new blog coming soon...  

Kumshukuru Mungu kwa ajili yenu!
(Thanking God for you!)

the haugers Ooo0o