Being REAL

   Ever try to take a family photo and it seems like nobody will cooperate?

  And when they FINALLY decide to gather together, silliness happens?

The photo may never be "perfect." but then, 
what is "perfect" but just pretending?
Thanks for letting us be REAL...
for helping us share our hearts, 
caring for our vision and being kind to our dreams.  
We're grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support. 

Our plans to travel back to minister in Kenya - November 13th. 
First, we visit family in Ohio and New York, 
participate in a short term mission conference and 
continue the conversation of serving the fatherless.
Psalm 82:3-4, James 1:27

Donations can be made to: Restoration Fellowship 
and attach a sticky note: "for haugers."
Mail to PO Box 3543
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147