Shula = School

Tavin and Taleah started classes Tuesday. They attend a small international school on a hill, nestled among mango trees, overlooking the shores of Lake Victoria. There's about 75 students ranging from primary to secondary levels; they come from many different countries – India, Germany, Australia, Uganda, England and of course, Kenya. Only 7 students are from the USA, two of them are ours.

When time allows, Mark and Lisa join the kids for lunch. Small tables line the playground wall and when the bell rings (literally, a studentstands at the top of the administration building steps and rings a hand bell) chattering children emerge from the low, windowless, wood-framed classrooms. Dressed in a white shirt and kaki capris, Taleah skips over to us, her braids bouncing. She's smiling. Tavin wanders over with a shy grin. Other kids join us - Shamel, a young Indian boy and Brian, who has newly arrived from Virginia. Both are in Tavin's grade.

Out over the playground field, hanging in a tree, is a monkey. He keenly watches the food dropping on the ground, waiting for an opportunity to scavenge the remains of chapatis and bananas. We visit with other parents and find there is a community of Christians who meet in homes for bible study on Thursday mornings and family worship on Friday evenings. The bell rings again and the kids hurry off to their classes. We linger for a few more moments, listening to the weaver birds and enjoying the gentle breeze off the hazy lake.

After one full month here with minimal complications, we seem to be settling-in and finding the place God prepared for us. We're encouraged by the children's easy transition and the warm welcome we've received. We're happy. Oh, And what happen with the monkey? Well, he looked pretty happy too, munching on his leftovers!

Click on Tavin's page to see some pics and his news. Click Taleah's page to see her first school assignment she wanted to share (especially for Aunt Kiki and Uncle Bob!).

We appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement.
Hugs from the Haugers