Lovely Sunday

Such a lovely Sunday, worshiping with our Kenyan brothers and sisters. Thankful for Christ's precious family worldwide.

This afternoon we met with church leaders and submitted the proposal and curriculum for discipleship and income-generating training with widowed moms for review. Carolyne and Lisa have been diligently working on fine-tuning the training so it can accommodate Kenyan facilitators. We were welcomed to share the vision the Lord laid on our hearts. So very blessed, yes, blessed is what we felt when we heard Carolyne, once a victimized, widowed mother, speak passionately about her desire to help others find their place of influence in God's kingdom.

One of the leader's who met with us actually works for a very BIG development agency. He expressed great pleasure to see a development curriculum that was not only biblically-based, but focused on helping the women create their ministries to the poor. We agreed to meet again for a “formal acceptance” (whatever that means...). Anyway, next Monday, these spiritual leaders of the community will be gracing our humble home. Yikes! We'd better get busy cleaning and cooking!

This coming week brings some firsts for us! Tavin and Taleah start school on Tuesday. It's an international school so we expect they'll have some interesting experiences! Thanks to some thoughtful friends (you know who you are) we've gathered enough funds to buy food for the orphaned kids at Covenant House (the kids who spend Friday's praying to eat...) so we get to bring the first bags of rice and beans. Taleah had a great dream that her and Tavin we're praying with the kids at Covenant house and then the kids started to pray for each other. So, guess what we're doing next time were there?

We appreciate your prayers and support. Your comments and e-mails warm our hearts and make us smile. It's good to be a part of the family of God.
Even in the midst of a storm, God's light shines through, encouraging us to keep our eyes on Him.