May Update: Just A Word...

Just a Word…

Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep you from anxious thoughts, fear, worry, confusion. A word fitly spoken carries soothing peace – the kind of peace that hides you when tempestuous trials pound with vengeance.

I periodically attend a bible study for missionary women. One sunny Thursday afternoon we were discussing hearing the voice of God. The question was asked, “What’s your hardest issue to trust the Lord?” I blurted out, “TIME.”

Time is my love language. When I feel it’s not managed well, I sense trepidation, like a looming storm threatening to destroy opportunities. Insecurity and uncertainty hails down, flooding questions nag me at 3:00 am…

“When will this adoption saga end? Will we be able to travel home together and visit family we’ve not seen in years? Will Tavin be able to finish his senior year in the States and make plans to enter college? When can we apply for Lil Man’s passport and visa? When can we purchase tickets? Will the Resource Center be completed by July? Can we move all our things there? How will it all mesh so it’s completed at the right time?”

In the midst of this tempest, I received two birthday gifts: a watch from Carolyne, a ministry leader and a scripture magnet from our missionary friend, Bev. Imagine my surprise when these two presents combined and God spoke, reminding me…

He is ever faithful. He can be trusted to accomplish His plan on time. He knows my struggles, He sent His Word. It encompasses me with peace. What about you? What encouraging Word hides you in Him?

Thanks for joining us in praying with gratefulness…

May adoption procedures in Kenya resume without complications. Let the social workers, lawyers and judges defend the cause of the fatherless. Our adoption process has another court date – June 10. Appreciating prayers!

Our missionary permits are approved but lost on some bureaucrat's mounded desk. Seriously. Only grace for this one.

A huge thank you to those who sent donations for the Resource Center. We are half way there! (Oops. Forgot to carry my camera to the site.)

Please pray as we deliver water filters next week. May the Lord open hearts to embrace Jesus.

Please pray for the Kajulu mamas and at risk kiddos to overcome sicknesses that invades the village during rainy season. Let them be healed in Jesus name.

Please remember the Joyland students who live in Dadaab refugee camp. Because of continuing terrorist attacks close to Dadaab - a place overflowing with refugees from Sudan and Somalia - Kenya has pending plans to close the camp. These innocent kids will be repatriated to unstable countries filled with violence, and human rights abuses.

Be free to share requests with us so we can trust the Lord with you.
Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o