This Month in Review...

It's that time where the industrious create "year in review newsletters."  Considering we post monthly updates, you might get bored with the redundancy, so here's a photo story of 
"this month in review."

Like the Kenyan weaver birds that busily build, we find ourselves 
continuing to build useful projects that serve people in Jesus name. 

The widowed/single mamas of WOW (Woman of Worth) 
enjoy prayer, bible reading and fellowship. Two more
mamas have joined us.
Although  possessing little themselves, they diligently 
work on projects to give back to those in the community 
who struggle -  we like to call this  "the widow's mite."

After 46 days back in the orphanage, Lil Man is home with us - his 
family.  Friends at the home gathered to sing, eat cake and say 
good bye (although we only live a few blocks away and he sees 
them regularly.) The sweet send off helped us transition him 
without disturbance.

Sharing cake is a tradition at celebrations and Henry
was happy to feed Moses.
 Now that Lil Man is back home, we do strange things 
like eat under the table. 
 Nothing like a 5 year old to keep you laughing!
 Helping harvest our first bananas!

We said good bye to a new, dear friend who assisted us in
 "handling" Henry's confusion while he stayed at the orphanage.
These croquet champions were all instrumental in 
encouraging us through Henry's transitions.

Serving in the village - one of the poorest districts in Kenya -
never fails to humble us.

The mamas kindness, hard work, willingness to give, to learn 
teaches us about the depth of God's grace. Ministry here is 
always mutually refreshing.
Helpful Henry. It's his gift!
Harvesting and packaging roselle tea to sell.
They distribute the profit to those in need.
Calendars used to roll paper beads are first studied with curiosity.
Lack of access to information is a root problem we're trying to change.
Henry gets an "ouchie" and the mama's rush to tend him.
Learning together how to bring God's transforming 
Word to those among the least.
Mark and David prepare a water filter for Mama Janet's
home. Janet cares for 3 orphaned girls.
With constant labor of working the garden, hand washing, caring 
for little ones, preparing cook fires and food... the ease of using
this filter to clean water amazes the mamas.
Village Chandelier

Meanwhile, back at New Life, the orphaned kiddos special 
needs join festivities of a grand opening of their new home.
A blessing to attend and photograph!

If you've followed our blog, you know about the complicated 
issues surrounding the land purchase for the local church we 
are part of. The trails were firey but God is the Great Redeemer! 
The church is now considered the rightful owner of this hotly 
contested plot. Praise Jesus! 
This month found the pastors praying 
over newly appointed leaders of various departments - one 
being our ministry partner, Carolyne. She now heads
Love in Action Ministry to the poor.
Pastor and Elders join hands - a three-fold cord
 not quickly broken.
Mark's service always includes everything from teaching to 
building to managing to holding babies.  Love this guy!

Lastly, we were surprised to be gifted with a trip to the 
coast for RnR we've not had in three years. A donor 
designated gesture that greatly influenced our mental health!
No more teachers or school books!
Just water time...
And sand - so much sand!
Creepy things visiting the pool...
 Of course - the real RnR!

But RnR doesn't last forever so back to ministry we are passionate about. 
Please pray for us and the following situations...
  • Intercountry adoptions in Kenya have been suspended indefinitely.  Our adoption of Henry should not be affected since we are handling the process as residents and already have placement. With so many true orphans and abandoned babies in Kenya, we're praying this ruling can be overturned and adoptions will resume.  
  • For the church leaders to have have solid Bible knowledge, wisdom from above, and the character of Christ to minister in love.
  • For the mamas to continue to grow in their faith and good works that God has prepared for them.
  • That we and the team in US have wisdom in making decisions about sending a shipping container filled with ministry items to use for a resource center.
  • For the physically challenged children of Joyland who are back in the refugee camp. May they stay healthy, safe and keep focused on their heavenly Father. 
As always, we're overwhelming grateful for being able to 
live the call and for those who help make it happen.

Asante sana!
Mungu awabariki this Christmas season.
hugs from the haugers