Come to Kajulu

Along green foothills of rocky prominences surrounding Kisumu town lies Kajulu Kadero – a rural village of about 2,000 Luo; they spread across small sugar cane fields, mud huts and few concrete structures. 

The main road rides like a washed out creek slightly smoothed by picis (motorbikes) carrying passengers along its dusty banks. We bump along, watching Kenya’s daily toil.  An old mama’s head, burdened heavy with fresh avocados selling at 5 bob each (6 cents). 

Cautious children stare; their shy smiles coaxed. 

During the heat of the day stoic men, aged before their time, gather under the ancient Jacaranda’s shade to rest from the endless grind of surviving.  It seems the youth are gone – searching for pleasure in wrong places and finding a contagious death.  Widowed grandmas inherit small children and a cycle of destitution continues.

Clean water is scarce and fuel to purify dirty water is costly.  Witchcraft and spiritualism are both feared and appeased to garnish some fake blessing. But inside all this heartache we see hope - Jesus longing to reveal His love, His healing, His restoration in relationships of opportunity that creates a vibrant Kajulu that shines God’s glory.

Kajulu is where we’ll bring the next DIGGS training. 12 widowed mamas have been identified and welcomed us to join them in serving their community. Our Kenyan team of 5 will start training next Saturday, introducing Jesus Christ and a biblical plan for development.  Thanks to a special donation, we’ve been able to bring piped water to this village and a Christian family has started to make bricks and built a fishpond.   

The team will teach sanitation and construct biosand water filters with evangelism outreach.  We’ll also facilitate regular discipleship and skills training – sewing, weaving, and kitchen gardening. We’ll use things considered trash to fabricate irrigation systems, useful vessels and intricate jewelry – each skill taught with the lessons from scripture about living fruitful, beautiful lives of surrender to Jesus. The goal is to participate with the Lord and see Him design His destiny of freedom in the lives of those oppressed.

Although we trust God that where He leads He provides, but many have asked how they can help so here it is…

Our most pressing need is for Luo Bibles which we can purchase at Kisumu Bible Society for $5.00 each.
 We also need financial donations for materials, supplies and transportation.

·    If you’d like to help with a donation please use our paypal account on or send a check to AmongtheLeast with a sticky note for Kajulu Project, Kenya.  PO Box 3543 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Our prayer requests are for salvation, healthy discipleship, unity, wisdom, discernment and generous humility to usher in all the Lord desires.

Asante sana for all your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o