Everything that grows changes.

As the not-for-profit CARE grows, it experiences changes.

Let me tell you about a BIG change… but first, a little background  -

Mark and I have been a big part of CARE from its inception in 2000 (along with some AWESOME adoptive families). It started as a small adoption support/advocacy group and has grown to a remarkable organization that awards grants to adoptive families, participates in an annual River Run for Orphans, facilitates adoption trainings and acts as a clearinghouse for adoption resources and education.

The work CARE does in Kenya, as CARE4Nations, affects the core of orphan prevention by helping mamas raise their children instead of abandoning them to orphanages. The ministry assists widowed/single mamas with discipleship and biblical business practices - learning to serve Jesus and earn an honest wage. By God's grace we also started a school for neglected children, provide bio-sand filters through evangelistic outreach to places needing potable water, work at an orphanage and a boarding school for physically challenged kids.

You donations labor hard through volunteer efforts 
to bring vulnerable children the support they need to grow in families.
There’s that word again - grow. We’re happy to see CARE grow and experience change. Our new board members and their fresh creativity have introduced an innovative change... 

CARE has been re-branded as Among the Least.

This name change more accurately reveals the vision, work and growth of the ministry.  We are now Field Directors of Among the Least.

Finally, you might have noticed on your tax receipt that CARE’s exempt status was  re-evaluated by the IRS. We’re pleased to report (CARE) Among the Least has been reinstated retroactively.

Your donations can be sent to:
 Among the Least
 PO Box 3543, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
 thru paypal at
Restoration Fellowship
PO Box 2757
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

A huge "asante sana" to all who partner with us 
through support, prayers and encouragement. 
Your giving make an eternal difference in the lives of widows and orphans.

Feel free to google to read amazing stories of God’s grace in Kenya and look for our new blog coming soon.

Find more information about the organization at

Blessed to be a blessing,
mark and ~lisa hauger
Field Directors for Among the Least, Kenya