Library Day: Starting From Scratch

Today, children who opportunity doesn't see, found books for joy.

It was a day that started years ago...

A small mountain town on the other side of earth collected books long forgotten.
These treasures waited in storage, cocooned in closets. Then shipping crates, traveling countries and oceans, landed in this neglected place. 

Today, these treasures opened in hands that rarely hold, to eyes that hardly ever see the glory of pictures, and in ears that long to hear stories.

Imaginations unfolded. 

Today, a young Somali boy shared Anne Frank's journey. Another imagined adventures with Louis L'Mour. Some colored the continent of their birth - a map they've never known.  Still more lost themselves in puzzles and images making the empty day full of learning. The world of knowledge - so familiar we might have forgotten it's deep value if not for today - Library Day at Joyland.

Aro camano Kiki and Carolyne 
for helping to organize and catalog these paper treasures.
Asante sana Casey for sharing this beautiful experience with us.

Bwana asafiwe.

with grateful hearts,
hugs from the haugers Ooo0