The Single Mama and the Soap

The mamas brought her to us early last Saturday. 
The sad story escaped slightly, in hushed tones with worried faces.

“Husband abandoned… Floods washed away home… 
gave 10 year old daughter to a pastor for food… 
he won’t give her back… using her… 
she has nothing… please…”

She held her baby close. 

The Bible says God shows Himself strong on behalf of the destitute 
who cry out to Him.  He called us to Kenya for this (Psalm 82:3).   
Surely He wants to bring redemption. 
But how did He want to help this young mama who suffered so much? 

We served tea and waited to hear Him speak.

“Soap.” came the Quiet Voice.

“What?” we questioned. 


The thought settled.

“Ok.” We shrugged and followed, not knowing where, but knowing Who.

We planned to host a liquid soap making training so - then and there - we did. 

She watched…

She got involved…

She laughed…

She opened up… sharing struggles, answering questions, revealing hope.

Together, our prayers went before the throne room of Grace.   
We asked for help in time of need.

While Taleah played with the baby, they experimented with the new product. 
An idea clearly exposed.


Like the widow with the oil in the Old Testament, (2 Kings 4:1-7) 
we collected jugs and filled them… with soap. 

That rainy evening we sent the women home (dressed like “chocolate smurfs”) 
trusting she could sell the soap to help her family

She sold the soap. 
She earned enough money to travel to her rural home 
where she can start a small business selling, of course,

Please pray as the authorities approach the pastor to release the 
young girl back to her mother.  Please pray he will obey the voice 
of the Lord and act justly. May truth prevail. 

God does so much with so little. He simply asks  - "what do you have?" 
Like the small boy with the fish and bread, like the widow with a jar of oil, 
our tiny possession can be used to bring hope, sustenance, life. 
What can you give God today? 

Asante sana for you prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0