What do you LOV?

living in Kenya... 
 that we're coming state-side in July to hug family and friends!  
 that God's leading us back to Kenya to keep
loving widows and orphans in Jesus' name.
The Lord led us to commit a year of our lives to serve orphans and widows in Kisumu, Kenya. That commitment comes to an end; but our time here has not.  
Because of your prayers, support and encouragement, we’ve seen His handed extended through ours. 
We LOV that...
  • True orphans embraced with care while families are found from local churches to welcome them home. 
  • 14 widows discipled to live for Christ and empowered to raise their children instead of placing them in orphanages. 
  • DIG trainings can continue in three local churches with Kenyan facilitators. 
  • A Christian school prepares to open in a rural area to serve the poor. 
  • Missions’ messages taught monthly in a Kondele church. 
  • The gospel shared through tracts, conversations, but mostly living with those who do not know a Heavenly Father full of mercy and grace. 
We feel deep gratitude for the work God has done in Kisumu among the oppressed. We sense He’s not done sharing who He made us to be. Holy Spirit’s tug gently pulls us into new projects that will multiply His influence in the lives of those forgotten.                 Many have asked us, 

“Why Kenya? 
Why don’t you work in USA where the needs are many?” 
Our answer is, 
"We’re called. 
We've ministered for years in the States
and when Father God equips for service, 
you don’t argue location.
It’s best to just say, 
'Yes. Here I am. Send me.' ” 
Other questions we’ve been asked are, 
“What’s next and how can we help?” 
"Read on"...
Many widowed mammas here come from very difficult places - a culture that practices polygamy and devalues females, lack of education, lack of resources, severe neglect and abandonment. The vision is to create a resource center that minister to these mammas holistically and trains churches to do the same. We will offer Bible studies, skills training, DIG seminars, parenting classes and reproductive health teaching and child care. We LOV to see more women prepared to serve their communities by finding their positions in God’s kingdom. We LOV for churches to be ready to assist the overwhelming population of widows and single moms that timidly hang on the fringes of community.

We will also offer adoption information to churches and orphanages so they can advocate for families to adopt parentless children. We plan to train caregivers in child development, and methods to practice strong bonding and attachment activities. Providing these services can keep vulnerable children from becoming 
victims of neglect and institutionalization.  
Continuing with water purification and visiting disabled children are on the agenda. 

LOV some more!

Last but not least, our family is actively pursuing foster/adoption of a 3-year old true orphan (totally abandoned at birth) with mild cerebral palsy. The daunting process has numerous obstacles but we’re plowing forward.
                                                (Notice the heart-shaped mark on his face
                                                       from his very 1st ice cream cone.)
 This little guy NEEDS A FAMILY! 
 We would LOV to be that family! 

          3 ways you can help us to LOV:

  • Commit to defending the cause of the oppressed through prayer. 
  • Give to start/operate the resource center. We are half way there but need sponsors to donate towards equipment and resources. Any size gift will help. Total start up: estimated at $3,994.Total monthly management: estimated at $2,140. 
  • People willing to serve short term or long term in evangelistic based development. 
We’ll be back in the states mid-July for 2 months. We would LOV to visit at your church, organization, bible study or simply share over an American mocha... and maybe some of Sarah's cupcakes... or Kevin's chocolate chip cookies... or even George's granola... mmmm! See ya soon!

Contact us at mlthauger@hotmail.com

LOV n hugs from the haugers oooo