Mother's Day and Masai

Mother's Day (or Mum's Day as they say in Kenya) celebrates those who influence lives with motherly love by nurturing unconditionally.  Below are a few faces of "moms" in Kenya...

Phoebe, a beautiful mom in who makes and sells peanut butter to provide for her daughter.

Ruth, a wise and gentle grandmother who cares for her grandchildren by sewing dresses.

A child-headed household where "mom' is a 12 year old girl, faithfully carrying her small siblings to church.

A motherless child who looks for arms to hold her.

Whatever you do to honor motherhood in your life today 
please remember the hundred million children in this world who long to have a mom to hold them.  
If orphaned children are asked what they want, 
they never say - " a big house" or "education" or "more sponsors"or "visits from donors." 
They inevitably answer they want - "a mom."  
Please pray for the mammas and children 
we serve here in Kenya.  
May the work God's given us to do continue 
to help them grow together as families in His redeeming love.

A Visit with Masai...
They peeked through the bushes, watching tentatively 
as we left the tin church building.
We waved them over with the 
welcoming words of Swahili greetings.

Sohoyto smiled, 
making introductions in with his few English phrases.

Lazaro wasn't as talkative 
but readily accepted the sweets we offered.

Obviously curious about the chair Lisa uses, 
we shared the tract that Lisa wrote with them, 
which explains the gospel.
After a fun visit and group picture, 
we invited them to church next Sunday.
Please pray the join us and learn more about 
Father God, their creator 
and Jesus, the Savior of the world. 

Happy Mother's Day from the Haugers, 
especially from Lisa who is so very grateful to be a mom
and prays God will always fill her life with children.

Caesy's doing great, 
learning lots and hugely helping the ministries she visits.
So grateful for her teachable spirit and willingness to serve.
Everyone loves her! 

Thanks for you prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers oooo