"Sema" means "What's up?" in Kiswahili.  
Below is news about what's up with us. 
Please send us a note sharing what's up with you. 
"Like cold water to a weary soul 
   is good news from a distant land."  
                                                               Proverbs 25:25

The DIG trainings continue; we have two 
trainings going - one at a church where two different 
churches are participating.  This is a big step in 
cooperation for pastors.  Thank you, Lord!  

Using object lessons to teach scripture - 
Nothing is impossible with God! 

Carolyne moves in her gift of teaching 
the women that knowing what skills/gifts
they have is necessary for determining 
what ministry/business to pursue.

The mommas are busy taking notes about 
biblical principles for modeling a Godly life,
"being" a servant and ruling in the spirit realm. 

In between our trainings and the kids' 
school,  this is where we usually find 
Tavin - playing "futbal"with his Masai buddies.  
He lamented us being too close - 
"Gee Mom, it's so embarrassing 
when you to take pictures."  
So, out of respect for my 14 year old son, 
I took a long shot.  
Look hard... Tavin's the tall one in the red shorts.

DIG training in a thatched-roof hut.
Feels really "African" surrounded by flowering 
plants, palms and banana trees.
Ha - just beyond the bush is a busy road in 
this town of about half a million residents.
Lovely to use this little oasis to teach God's Word. 
The widowed mommas shared their stories...
Jacqueline had been selling glue to street boys
 to keep her children alive. 

She cried 
knowing she was killing them 
so her's might live.

Now she knows God has a future 
with hope for her and her babies.  

She's been
 hired to cook at a home for street boys. 

Redemption always overcomes desperation.

Another woman who's not saved 
"wandered" into the training.  
We prayed for discernment.
Would this be a distraction or a blessing?   
Her name is Agnes.  
She attends a cult and has "spiritual experiences."
We invited her to church which she now regularly attends 
and is still coming to the DIG training. 
She's hearing the truth about Jesus Christ.  
The truth will set her free.

We regularly teach about missions 
at this awesome Kenyan church.
Praying for them to be 
sent into the fields ripe for harvest.

Ministry at an orphanage and 
our new little friend 
who is very dear to our hearts.

Pastor Dwight Saunders, his daughter, Emma of
International Voice of the Orphan 
 (from Durango, CO and now live in Phoniex, AZ)
were ministering in Uganda and 
invited us to attend the 3 day 
Legacy Leadership Conference - 
powerful preaching about 
living a life that leaves a 
legacy for the kingdom of God. 

It was a wonderful time of rest 
and spiritual refreshing for us.

So nice to fellowship into the evening with 
missionaries who love the Lord 
and His call to serve in East Africa.

Extra nice to be with familar faces 
who will soon be "part of the family"
as Pastor Dwight's daughter is marrying 
Lisa's nephew in August.

No matter what side of the border - Kenya or Uganda, 
 fatherless children wander everywhere 
looking for attention.

We love to share a laugh, some sweets,
and a prayer in the precious name of Jesus. 

 After traveling over the equator numerous times, 
we finally decided to stop and snap a photo.

We're blessed to be living in Kenya, 
serving Jesus by "caring for orphans and widows."

Asante sana for your 
encouragement, prayers and support.

hugs from the haugers  O0oo