From Taleah

Taleah is home from the hospital and feeling much better. Asante sana for your prayers!  
The diagnosis was "maybe strep..." There is no quick strep test here so the lab had to draw blood and run a hemogram.  Taleah was given a fever reducer that didn't bring her fever down so the doctor became concerned - an emotion not translated well from a Kenyan accent to American understanding. Taleah was released from the hospital in time to make the long, hot trip to the Uganda to renew our visas.  Today she's a little restless so we decided to do a post with mom's help.  
Below are recent photos with captions of some special times for Taleah here in Kenya...  

It all started with an egg... or was it the chicken?

 In our case it's my pet hen named Kuku 
(Swahili word for chicken) 
who laid 15 eggs and we now have 8 baby chicks!

 Obviously, I am smitten. 

Tavin (in his school uniform) and I enjoy the 
new additions to the family.

So stink'in cute, huh?

Meet Lillian and Ruth (and their cute kiddos) - facilitators mom and Carolyne are training to take the DIG program
 into the slums of Nyallenda through a local church.

During Christmas break I watched the kiddos 
while the moms did the training.

 I really liked these kids.  I think I found a new ministry...

The local wildlife park ($1.50 for students)
where the only thing that was 
between me and these animals was a chainlink fence 
(which my hand could easily fit through!).

Some animals roamed free like impala and the zebra.

My friend, Sally and me at the wildlife park.

Lake Victoria

I love the trees here.

New shoes for my birthday (my favorite gift).

Celebrating with my family.

Tavin practicing for the Nairobi competition.


Which is where I have to end this cause now I have to do homework.  Yuk!  Oh well.  Thanks for praying for us and helping us do God's work in Kenya for orphans.
(I'd rather play with the kids instead of doing homework!)