Are You Hungry?

The orphaned kids at Covenant House don't eat everyday. Watching them play and sing, seeing their shy smiles and curious gazes, it's hard to believe they are much different than your children or mine. Can you imagine not feeding your family everyday? Do you wonder what it must be like to tuck a hungry little one into bed?

One afternoon at we had a popcorn party there. As we visited with the older kids we asked, "What would make this place better?" They hesitated... We thought they might be thinking of playground equipment, or musical instruments. Maybe they wanted bikes, or games, or books... We waited and asked again, "Really, if you could have anything to improve where you live, what would it be?"


Yes. Hard to believe, huh?


They want to eat everyday.

The facts are
  • Every Friday the kids of Covenant House pray for food.
  • $55.00 would provide 25 kilograms of rice for 175 children for two days.
  • $100.00 would provide 90 kilograms of beans for 175 children for one month.
  • They need help.
Covenant House is filled with children whose needs go beyond food. They are orphans - kids with no families. The buildings on the 1.5 acre compound could easily be set up as homes, each with 12 children and trained house parents to care for them, as we work at an indigenous adoption program. Please ask God to show us how to be what He wants us to be for orphans. We're so hungry to help.

hugs from the haugers