People Projects

In this overwhelmingly hard world with continual tragedies, it's human nature to resolve problems by bringing solutions. Crisis resolution becomes the focus.  Money, time, resources and energy are spent planning big projects that look good on paper and sound better in academic discussions but never really solve anything. Injustice still runs rampant. Defending the cause of those living under oppression will never work as long as it is treated exclusively as a business void of relationship, especially relationship with our Creator.  

From our time serving in Kenya, we found there is no "one size fits all" remedy for providing assistance to the disenfranchised. While working "among the least," we've seen people assume that thoughtful strategies would produce mass effectiveness, productivity and gratefulness among those who received services. This is not true.  People living in poverty, just like everyone else, are pron to greed, bad choices, and haunting demons that cloud judgement. Both project facilitators and clients can corrupt good programs if hearts grow selfish and honest evaluations are ignored.

At Among the Least we value principles that honor dignity and integrity. We are a small organization but that's good because we know the people we work and tailor "projects" to truly help and not pass them by. We fill our tool belt of service with a variety of ideas from the development continuum. Our relational approach lets us experience each others' characters - strengths and weaknesses. Goals are reached by uniting with those who live "among the least" in purpose, prayer and practice.

Projects serve people, not the other way around.