Why Give?

 Giving means to freely transfer, to cause, allow and supply with.

When you give to Among the Least, Kenya things happen
Your donation:
  • Freely transfers what God provides to help victimized mothers get healing & hope.  
  • Causes meaningful change to happen in the lives of those living in poverty.
  • Allows us to be on the ground facilitating biblical training. 
  • Supplies Among the Least with resources and funding for income-generating projects.

Many widowed women in Kenya are treated as outcasts. They suffer from discrimination, systematic seizure of property, evictions from family homes, sexual abuses and forced re-marriage. Some must leave their children at orphanages because they can not afford to care for them. Our service to these women brings biblical teaching and skills training. We help them learn: 
  •  That God loves them and their children.
  •  To earn a fair wage.
  •  Participate in church.
  •  Contribute to the needy in their communities.
 If you would like to give though prayer and volunteer effort please connect with us. 
Tax-deductible financial gifts can be sent to the address below with a note stating, "for Kenya" or see the donate button on the blog sidebar.

Among the Least
PO Box 3543
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147