This video made our hearts rejoice!  Sadly, we were not there to participate, but generous Believers dedicating the Resource Center made sure to remember us - all!  A great big THANKS to all who prayed, donated and encouraged this work.  God made the dream come true!

You might be wondering where we are - well, we are in Pagosa, still dealing with the drama surrounding Henry's immigration/medical issues.

The arduous USCIS journey continues: currently, we secured Henry's temporary green card and were just notified of an immigration interview scheduled in Denver for July 19th.  Coincidentally, we applied for Henry's USA passport using all his original, official papers (State Dept. requirements) - the same papers we need for the pending meeting with USCIS. Please pray they return our documents promptly.

Since Henry's cochlear implant surgery, he now hears the birds sing. He participates in daily therapy to help him understand all the new sounds and pronounce words he's never heard before. Unfortunately, Henry also got a positive tuberculosis result (latent). After more prayer, research and advice from friends who are medical professionals, Henry is on a 4-month TB treatment regime that must be videoed and prevents us from traveling internationally.

Other than Henry's news that holds us stateside, we are well.  Mark helps a landscaping business and does home repairs. Tavin likes his internship at a Christian camp on the Oregon coast. Taleah, our recently licensed driver, got a job at the local grocery store. Lisa does whatever she can to keep us moving.  Please pray for Lisa's continued healing and strength.

In all of this, we continue to regularly communicate with our Kenyan friends and colleagues, helping them to negotiate the ministry of caring for widows and vulnerable children in their midst.

As always, Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement!

hugs from the haugers 0ooOo