March Update 2015: I Don't Believe in Prayer

I don’t believe in prayer.

Interesting title for a missionary prayer update, huh?

Well, it’s true. I don’t believe in prayer.


I do BELIEVE IN GOD who responds to prayer.

Does it seem like I’m mincing words?  Well, I think language can help us focus on truth, which engages faith.

Believing in prayer makes me think the results are based on my method, my effort, my performance.

Believing in God who responds to prayer focuses on our relationship with a loving heavenly Father who’s full of mercy and grace. The bible says He desires communicating with us, His children. He uses prayers to line our will up with His divine providence. He moves mountains that stand in the way of His manifestation in our lives.

Will you pray with us and believe God?

1. For the Lord’s hand to continue to direct those who have authority over adoption in Kenya.

2. For pending plans to travel to USA late summer for an extended furlough to get some much needed attention concerning our kids’ medical needs and schooling.

3. The shipping container project is on hold, and since the Kenyan church now owns the hotly contested property, (miracle story!) it’s less expensive to build a resource center structure and move ministry there. Please pray for this process to unfold without unnecessary complications.

Church after a gang attack last year.
Mark praising the Lord for the new security fence and future site of the Moriah Resource Center.
4.  The wonderful family who rented our Pagosa home over the last three years bought a home and is moving out. If anyone knows of someone who needs a place… We’re doing short-term rental for 6 months with option to extend. We’re praying for the right connection.

5.  For the widowed/single mamas to keep finding the Lord in their ever challenging lives. May their busy hands be profitable for the children, community and God’s kingdom. Discipleship in Kenya, especially to the forgotten, endures as our heart’s passion. We’ve witnessed the transformation biblical teaching makes in these mama’s lives. Please pray especially for new mamas who joined WOW – Riel, Grace, and Josephine.

              Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
           hugs from the haugers  OooO0