Update: Praises and Prayers

Some of you know the difficult trail we’re enduring with our little guy who’s been living with us for 9 months. To avoid lots of painful explanation, let’ simply say we’re in the formal adoption process and since Kenyan law does not allow us to pre-select a child, we had to return little guy to the orphanage till we’re legally approved (yes, much tears shedding).  It seems the powers that be never followed up on foster placement paperwork that would have allowed him to stay with us during the adoption process.  Although Mark ran the 11 flights of stairs regularly to check our foster status, he never saw a social worker. Now, it’s too late. According to the orphanage, we didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a paperwork mistake on the authorities part that’s costing all involved significant heartache. Sounds confusing, eh? Just imagine how baffled we are and how bewildered little guy is… If you want personal updates and ways you can pray for us concerning this, please request them.  It’s not information we want to generally share, but we would truly appreciate intercession on our family's behalf.
Now, because we’re experiencing such hardship, many advise us to take a break from ministry.
On the contrary, we don’t do ministry. We are ministers, and we can’t stop being who we are regardless of life’s ups and downs. Being ministers to the poor in Kenya is our joy. The burdens that come with living here might feel overwhelming, but God’s grace overflows, and it’s a divine distraction from our pain to help others through theirs.

With that said, here’s our update, praise reports and prayer requests…

The Women of Worth (WOW) mamas have started a new project.  With a small donation of funds and resources, they will begin sewing washable sanitary napkins for young girls.  In many developing nations, when a female student has her monthly cycle, she can’t attend school because she does not have proper hygiene supplies.  This constant isolation reflects in bad attendance, weak grades and overall missed learning opportunities. We want to bring a solution to that problem.  After making packages of 7 pads , including a bar of soap and a tract explaining the love of God through Jesus Christ,  WOW mamas will distribute these gifts to needy girls. Bonus?  The mama's receive a fair wage for their labor to help them pay school fees for their children.

Last month we helped facilitate an amazing leadership conference that welcomed pastors from all over Kenya, Uganda and Brundi. We assisted with everything from transport to organizing intercession.  It was refreshing to share teaching on integrity and watch ministers respond to God’s call for holiness.

Always good to make friends with security at a leadership conference.
We also participated in a solemn assembly of recognizing the gifts God has placed in the body of Christ for leadership.  The work we’ve done to equip the church to care for the poor was appreciated – a humbling honor.
Finally, Taleah and Tavin are good overall, exceling in school and joining the mock United Nations program that will being this spring.  Tavin was sponsored to be in the Mater Hospital Heart Run and he came in FIRST!  Yep, that lone runner behind the police escort is Tavin! (2nd photo)

Praise the Lord with us for:
·       Sustained good health for our Kenyan friends and us.
·       Protection from accidents and random acts of violence.
·       Fruitfulness in the lives of the widowed/single mamas.
·       Peace in the midst of spiritual storms.

Please pray with us for:
·       Continued healing in all our hearts during this transition time with little man.
·       The adoption process moves forward, undaunted by complications.
·       The land issues surrounding the church will keep on the path of complete resolution.
·       The shipping container project – wisdom, provision.
·       The least among us will place their trust in Jesus and find hope fulfilled in Him.
      "But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength... because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him 
until that day." 2 Tim.

      Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement. 
      May the Lord bless you for your kindness to us.

      hugs from the haugers Ooo0o