Requesting Prayer

Yes, as a good friend said well - our little guy who's waiting is the "E." 
Lisa? Well, she's the photographer.

Habari ako dear Friends.

First, I want to thank the many who responded to my (Lisa) last post with gracious words of encouragement.  The experiences this last year have tried us - from months of political upheaval that sporadically fueled riots, tear gas, automatic weapon fire and death, to consistent relationship challenges among those we serve; gossip, jealousy and greed - reduced communication to unwanted confrontations. But thank GOD, whose love covers us; those with repentant hearts grew stronger. Ministry among the least calls for commitment and integrity. Where the enemy holds tight straps of bondage, our Father’s amazing grace releases freedom. We refuse to give up; we’ve seen those who sit in darkness embrace His redeeming light. Hope matters.

As we prepare to travel stateside, we know prayer will help us stay focused. Below are some requests. We would sooooooo appreciate knowing you are lifting us up before His throne room.

1.  Praise God! We finally had our long awaited home study. After months of praying, waiting and numerous cancellations (actually no-shows) we hosted a children’s department representative for all of 20 minutes. We’re tentatively “approved,” pending some unexplained requirements where she’ll “get back to us.”  The little guy we long to take as our son was abandoned in a tea field.  He manages mild cerebral palsy. I can’t even write how much he’s a part of us, how difficult it is to leave him behind. Please pray for him to know the Father’s comfort while we’re separated. (Immigration requirements forbid him to travel.) 

2.  Please pray for traveling mercies, smooth flights, easy connections and  maybe some unexpected blessing to overtake us. We could use an uncomplicated journey. 

3.  Please pray for those managing the ministry while we’re away – Carolyne, David, George, Mary and Gaudencia. 

4.  Please pray for the widowed mamas and their families. 

5.  Please pray for the children at Joyland School for the Disabled and the orphans at New Life Home (where our little guy lives). 

6.  Please pray for our family to make healthy transitions, knowing that God - the Maker of all destinies - is at work in our lives.

Asante sana for the kindness you’ve shown to us. We want to also pray for you.   Send your requests. We’ve got plenty of “airport time” to intercede!  Feel free to contact us if you would like to catch up. We’re excited to know whatGod is doing in your lives and share more about what God is doing in Kisumu,Kenya. We’ll give contact information when were in Pagosa on August 10th.
Mungu akubariki Rafikis.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o