I was hoping the title would catch your attention. Yes, this post is about deliverance.  Not the dramatic exorcism of casting out demons, although scripture reveals such, and we've experienced it here in Kenya.  We’ve seen demons literally manifest as serpents in human bodies, slithering their way through a person crawling toward the alter on all four appendages, bent in unexplainable angles. We’ve seen young women squirm and vomit when the name of Jesus is spoken, but submit to His Lordship when confronted with the choice. I know such deliverance exists, but this post is not about that. It is about the comprehensive definition of deliverance – one that welcomes friendship in Christ, regardless of denomination, social status or ethnicity 
for the glory of His kingdom.

There are 37 words in the Bible that refer to deliverance. These words have 4 related but distinctly different meanings.

"To deliver out of the hands of, to escape." Exodus 18:8-11.
Like the Israelites’ exodus out of Egypt, 
we walk with horribly wounded women, those familiar with neglect and abuse, into the wild wilderness of unknowns. 
There, God leads them in supernatural ways. 
The snare of the slavery is broken and they escape.

"Drawing someone to one's self." Jeremiah 31:3.
The Lord draws these vulnerable mamas with cords 
of loving-kindness.  His power to snatch them out of the grip of evil is not complete without placing them into safety – a place to feed on His Word, to receive prayer sown in tears and wise counsel laced with laughter. 
God huddles us under the shadow of His wing 
for the purpose of loving Him and each other.

"To deliver into the hands of for the purpose of judgment." 
Col 1:13.
Yes. Judgment. The Bible says if we judge ourselves, we will not be judged. Finding our faults, sins, offenses need not separate or condemn.  Deliverance shares burdens, offers forgiveness, produce fruit of His Spirit that builds strong relationships. We’ve rubbed the ugly underbelly of widow’s fear, our presumption, and the threat of manipulation. 
When we fulfill our obedience towards each other, 
God punishes the enemy’s disobedience.

"To have ample space between oneself and one's enemies."  Psalm 31:8.
Jointly fit - this strange family of young, old, dark, light, African, American, rich, poor, weak, strong - we find unity in our differences. God’s vast image embraces us, settles us, and we find choosing His goodness overcomes evil.  
Although wickedness encamps around us, 
security and peace makes our abode.

Deliverance for us?  God formed freedom that creates holy bonding and stands against injustice. Whether we see a demon come out of someone or not, we believe the life of a wounded one must change because Jesus is Lord.

How bout you? Do you walk with those who only know the power of darkness? Do you believe wickedness of the world must bow to the name of Jesus? Do you trust Jesus’ love shines brighter, and victory comes by His cross? 
Don’t give up.
Sacrifice only what the flesh loves. 
Be truth. 
Be freedom. 
Live your deliverance.

Asante sana for your prayers, encouragement and support.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0