Back in Kenya

We're back in Kenya, among our friends, ministering with them in places desperate for hope. Jesus brings hope that grows into fruit shared, fellowship enjoyed, orphans loved, and unexpected blessings of participating in a leadership conference, ordination and baby dedication. Grateful to be found faithful to the call and entrusted with God's heart for the fatherless.  Photo's below of the last couple weeks. Take a peek into what the Lord is doing in Kisumu...
Poverty's oppression is thwarted by the DIGGS project as widowed/single mamas commitment to serve God by banding together to read the Bible, pray and 
share their blessings with others.
Agnus and Josephine taste fruit from USA, 
something their "tongues longed for."
Fruit of the Spirit is what their lives long to produce. 
Giving with generous hearts.

Tavin and Taleah ready for the first day of classes. 
 Last weekend we enjoyed fun fellowship 
with families at the first annual school picnic.
Mark and Tavin join in the big "futbal" competition.

As many of you know, we live in a house with a very small compound - no room for hosting DIGGS training. We prayed for something in a fair price range with a place for widowed/single mamas so they 
could come to us for classes. 
Tada! Photos of the new home of CARE4Nations
It's in a secure location, but a block from the slums.
There is also enough room for Mark to work on the evangelistic water project.  Yeah God!

Our family joy - ministering to the orphaned kiddos
 with special needs. 
They love to tease Tavin. 

 We participated in a two day leadership conference 
on Identity of Integrity.  After the conference, you could find Lisa outside the church with Pastor Mary spending time with the women and children.
 The women work together preparing 
food for the conference.
 Mixing ugali and making chapati.

The children learn about Jesus 
and how our camera works.

 Tom, part of the visiting missions team, is 94 years old!  He wanted to come to Africa before he got to old. 
(Gonna be just like that at 94.)
He's not sleeping.  He's praying for the food.
 Breaking bread and feasting as His body, 
joined by bonds of brotherly love.

 Asante sana for sending us back to Kenya to express 
the Father's love to the "least of these"
who are precious in His sight.
                                                    Matthew 25:31-33

hugs from 
the haugers Ooo0

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