Quick update...

 Casey's here. 
What a long haul - after 48 hours on planes and in airports 
she arrived late without luggage.  
As we say here - Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya) and "Akuna matata!"(No worries).

We set off from Jomo Kenyatta for the journey home.  Wild Kenya did not disappoint Casey's desire for adventure.  She experienced raging flood waters off the Rift Valley escarpment as baboons dotted the roadside.  

Casey sharing her dance talents 
with an youth group at Covenant of Peace.

African worship is always moving so Casey fits right in.

When the luggage finally arrived, it was Christmas in May! We opened suitcases filled with special treats sent by special friends.  We're so grateful Becky, Ellen, Kiki, Linda, Robbie and Margaret! Thanks for blessing us. Taleah squealed in delight and Tavin's big grin went from ear to ear. Mark kept saying they should remember to share... with him! 

               Lisa reads all her birthday cards early, 
much to Taivn's shock. Ha!  
  Don't worry about her opening them early. 
She's sure to read them over and over again, 
before and after her birthday.

The bakery shirts are a blast. We're gonna invite Kenyans visit this new coffee shop in Pagosa.  Ministry items for the orphaned kiddo's are perfect.  Can't wait to play with them, to share new Bible lessons and encourage healthy child development.

Ministry updates...

We continue to pour ourselves 
into the children and babies at New Life.
Although many see these children as burdensome, their precious lives mean so mach to God and to us
We've been asked to do a training on transitions - preparing care workers and children for changes that come through adoption.  We pray this is an open door for more interaction on adoption issues, much needed for these 
abandoned little ones.

The education center in Mambo Leo is getting ready for 
the shipment of school supplies 
donated from Pagosa Springs students.  
The mandatory fence is being constructed, a pit latrine stands ready for children, and the school building waits for windows, a floor, benches and tables. By assisting this church to open
this center, orphans and widows can receive much needed resources.  James 1:27 in action. 

If anyone would like to donate towards these needs that will help provide quality Christian education for orphaned children and discipleship-skills training for young/single widowed moms, please visit the sidebar to see how to give or contact us for more information.

Our kids being goofy! But that's not new. Ha!

Coming up is more DIG training with our beautiful widowed mammas.  Tavin plays futbal in Nairobi and Taleah visits the City Council and Kisumu History Museum.  Mark and Casey will attend a free water purification seminar.  We'll be visiting the children at Joyland, New Life, and Covenant Home. We'll be ministering at Agape for street boys, Disciples of Mercy HIV clinic and the local churches. We also plan to take Casey for an overnight in Carolyne's rural village.

Please remember us before the Lord; May we continue to find favor by His grace. 

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers