Good Friday

It’s Good Friday
and I’m thinking about death. 

I’ve been perplexed by recent deaths – 
Franklin, a young man we admired 
who was fighting kidney disease and 
Benta, a young widowed mom we trained 
who became our dear friend. 
The last few weeks carry shock at youth dying 
because simple medical treatments were not available. 
These days bring grief of a teary-eyed boy and girl, 
now orphaned by the scourge of AIDS. 
I’m sitting on my bed, looking at tender flowers 
climbing over the grey cement wall, 
trying to make sense of disturbing sadness. 

I knew when we came to Kenya we’d experience 
life, raw and ugly. 
I studied the research of 1.5 million children orphaned 
by disease and destruction. 
I read the stories of victimized widows 
who sold their bodies to feed their babies. 
I understood the extremely alarming statistics 
on mortality rate, life expectancy, and per capita income. 
But now I see poverty devour. 
I hear anguish cry. 
I taste the bitterness. 
I feel the life of Kenya’s oppressed.
 The recent deaths vibrating WHY, WHY, WHY… 

It’s Good Friday 
and tonight I’ll celebrate worship with Jesus friends, 
sharing communion. 
I’ll remember His sacrifice and 
let these deaths be swallowed in victory. 
Franklin told his mom he was leaving her in peace. 
Benta created a ministry/business 
to provide for her son and daughter. 
The WHYs will fade because 
I trust the Eternal WHO gave His life. 
The grey hardness of suffering covered 
with fresh blooms of hope. 
I’ll place my affections there, 
on the beauty growing before me.

It’s Good Friday.  
His sacrifice is enough.  
Resurrection morning proves it true.

Please pray for Mildred, Franklin’s widowed mamma 
and Benta’s children, Seth and Winnie.

       You can read the story Benta Shares on this blog.