Prayers for Mildred

Dear Friends,

We hope you can recall we asked for prayer numerous time for our precious friend Mildred's son, Franklin. Mildred was part of the September DIG training, 
and we formed a close bond.  She's been a widowed mom for some time, with 
two children, a girl - Valentine, 13 years old and the boy - Franklin, 20.  
Her son has been sick with kidney disease since we met Mildred.  
Mildred is the only momma we've not written about, till now.

After we finished the DIG training and were working with the other women to start their ministry/businesses, Mildred traveled to Nairobi to be with her son who had been hospitalized to start dialysis. Every Wednesday, when the group met, we would call Mildred to pray and encourage her.

At the end of February Franklin was released from the hospital to come home to Kisumu.  We visited with Mildred and Franklin last week on Sunday and Friday.  He needed dialysis treatment, but the nurses were on strike so the hospital was not running out-patient services.  He was uncomfortable, but assured us with confidence that all would be fine. 

Sunday after church Franklin and Mildred walked home.  At 5:00 p.m. Franklin was sitting in the house while Mildred went outside to hang clothes to dry.  He called her in and said, "Momma, I'm going now, but I'm leaving you in peace."  He leaned back and passed on to be with his Heavenly Father.  

Mildred's momma heart is broken.  She's been single-handedly caring for 
Franklin for years, the last three through this medical crisis.  
As a widow, she has no property to bury her son.

Please pray for her.  Please pray we follow Holy Spirit's tender guidance in ministering to this sweet friend who calls us her "adopted wazungu children." 

Asante sana for sharing this tender time with us.

hugs from the haugers oooo  

Below are some photos of our dear Mildred from our time at the training.  I know she will appreciate your prayers so much.