Why care about "HOLY?"

We're in Kenya watching the Creator make common lives holy, To Him, everyone - no matter how lost, how damaged, how wounded - are unique, valued, worthy of unconditional love. To Him all are holy.
Now let me ask you...
What do you treat as special?   
Where do spend your money, your time, your resources, your energy, your life?
That's your holy. 

Now one more question... 
Is it worth it? 
Is what you value so much worth everything you give it?
Only you can honestly answer and when you do, know there is a difference you can make (that will stretch who you really thought you were) by treating those among the least as holy.

Holy. It's not just a "religious word" for stuffy people who judge, criticize, and make living miserable.  It's a revolution of good. It's your Creator saying, "There's more... and it's beautifully hard and challenging and full of trusting faith, and meaningful forever."

Let your common become more - "intact, complete, made for higher purposes."

Become Holy.